Pear Tree Green United Reformed Church

  • Pear Tree Road
  • Woolston
  • Southampton
  • SO19 7GU


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June 2022/Dates and Events (pdf)

May 2022/Dates and Events (pdf)

April 2022/Dates and Events (pdf)

March 2022/Dates and Events (pdf)

February 2022/Dates and Events (pdf)

January 2022/Dates and Events (pdf)

December 2021/Dates and Events (pdf)

December 2021/Minister's Farewell Letter (pdf)

November 2021/Dates and Events (pdf)

November 2021/Minister's Letter (pdf)

October 2021/Minister's Letter (pdf)

September 2021/Minister's Letter (pdf)

July 2021/Pulpit Supply Preachers for period 1st Aug - 12th Dec (pdf)

June 2021/Minister's Letter (pdf)

May 2021/Minister's Letter (pdf)

May 2021 Sunday 9th/6th Sunday in Easter Service (pdf)

May 2021/Minister's Letter (pdf)

April 2021/S.W.H.G. - Video Link to 2nd Sunday in Easter Service (pdf)

April 2021 Sunday 11th/2nd Sunday in Easter Service (pdf)

April 2021 Sunday 4th/Easter Sunday Service (pdf)

April 2021/S.W.H.G. - Video Link to Good Friday Service (pdf)

April 2021/Good Friday Reflection (pdf)

April 2021/S.W.H.G. - Video Link to Maundy Thursday Service (pdf)

April 2021/Maundy Thursday Reflection (pdf)

March 2021 Sunday 28th/URC Worship for Palm Sunday

March 2021/Minister's Letter for April-May (pdf)

March 2021 Sunday 21st/URC Sunday Worship (pdf)

March 2021/Lent Prayer (pdf)

March 2021 Sunday 7th/Sunday Service (pdf)

March 2021/Lent Reflection (pdf)

February 2021 Sunday 28th/Sunday Service Lent (revised) (pdf)

February 2021/Lent Reflection (pdf)

February 2021 Sunday 21st/Sunday Service (pdf)

February 2021/Ash Wednesday Reflection (pdf)

February 2021 Sunday 14th/Sunday Service (pdf)

February 2021 Sunday 7th/Sunday Service (pdf)

February 2021 Sunday 7th/ A meditation by Jane Castle (pdf)

February 2021/Minister's Letter (pdf)

January 2021 Sunday 31st/Sunday Service (pdf)

January 2021 Sunday 24th/Sunday Service (pdf)

January 2021 Sunday 17th/Sunday Service (pdf)

January 2021 Sunday 10th/Sunday Service (pdf)

January 2021 Sunday 3rd/Sunday Service (pdf)

January 2021/New Year Greetings from Minister (pdf)

December 2020 Sunday 27th/URC Sunday Worship (pdf)

December 2020 Sunday 27th/URC Mini Service on Candle Lighting (pdf)

December 2020 Friday 25th/Christmas Day Service (pdf)

December 2020 Minister's Letter (pdf)

November 2020 Sunday 29th/Sunday Service (pdf)

November 2020 Sunday 22nd/Sunday Service (pdf)

November 2020 Sunday 15th/Sunday Service (pdf)

November 2020 Sunday 8th/Remembrance Day Service (pdf)

November 2020 Minister's Letter (pdf)

October 2020 Minister's Letter (pdf)

September 2020 Sunday 20th/Sunday Service (pdf)

September 2020 Sunday 13th/Sunday Service (pdf)

September 2020 Minister's Letter (pdf)

August 2020 Sunday 2nd/Sunday Service (pdf)

July 2020 Minister's Letter (pdf)

July 2020 Sunday 26th/Service for 8th Sunday after Pentecost (pdf)

July 2020 Sunday 19th/Service for 7th Sunday after Pentecost (pdf)

July 2020 Thursday 16th/Information concerning Sunday 19th July (pdf)

July 2020 Sunday 12th/Service for 6th Sunday after Pentecost (pdf)

July 2020 Friday 10th/ Information concerning Sunday 12th July (pdf)

July 2020 Sunday 5th/Sunday Service (pdf)

June 2020 Sunday 28th/Service for 4th Sunday after Pentecost (pdf)

June 2020 Minister's Letter - Is justice a lost cause? (pdf)

June 2020 Sunday 21st/ Service for 2nd Sunday after Pentecost (pdf)

June 2020 Sunday 14th/Service in the Season of Pentecost (pdf)

June 2020 Sunday 7th/Trinity Sunday (pdf)

June 2020 Minister's Letter (pdf)

May 2020 Sunday 31st/Communion Service - Pentecost 2020 (pdf)

May 2020 Sunday 24th/Service for 7th Sunday in Easter (pdf)

May 2020 Sunday 17th/Sunday Worship from the United Reformed Church (pdf)

May 2020 Sunday 17th/URC Daily Devotions for 6th Sunday in Easter (pdf)

May 2020 Sunday 10th/Service for 5th Sunday in Easter (pdf)

May 2020 Sunday 3rd/Service for 4th Sunday in Easter (pdf)

April 2020 Minister's Letter (pdf)

April 2020 Sunday 26th/Service for 3rd Sunday in Easter (pdf)

April 2020 Sunday 19th/Service for 2nd Sunday in Easter (pdf)

April 2020 Easter Sunday Service (pdf)

April 2020 Easter Sunday (pdf)

April 2020 Saturday Holy Week (pdf)

April 2020 Friday Holy Week (pdf)

April 2020 Thursday Holy Week (pdf)

April 2020 Wednesday Holy Week (pdf)

April 2020 Tuesday Reflection (pdf)

April 2020 Monday Reflection (pdf)

April 2020 Palm Sunday Service (pdf)

April 2020 Minister's Letter (pdf)

April 2020 Newsletter (pdf)

March 2020 Newsletter (pdf)

February 2020 Newsletter (pdf)

Winter 2019/2020 Newsletter (pdf)

November 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

October 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

September 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

Summer 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

June 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

May 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

April 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

March 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

February 2019 Newsletter (pdf)

Winter 2018/2019 Newsletter (pdf)

November 2018 Newsletter (pdf)

October 2018 Newsletter (pdf)

September 2018 Newsletter (pdf)

Summer 2018 Newsletter (pdf)

June 2018 Newsletter (pdf)

May 2018 Newsletter (pdf)

April 2018 Newsletter (pdf)

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February 2018 Newsletter (pdf)

Winter 2017/2018 Newsletter (pdf)

November 2017 Newsletter (pdf)

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September 2017 Newsletter (pdf)

Summer 2017 Newsletter (pdf)

June 2017 Newsletter (pdf)

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